Geneva United Methodist Church
Sunday, December 15, 2019
Make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Job Posting - Worship Leader

GUMC is Hiring a Worship Leader! 

Ministry Position Title: Keyboardist/Pianist/Worship Leader (“Pianist”)

Church: Geneva United Methodist Church, Geneva, Ohio (“Church”)

Reports to: Senior Pastor (“Pastor”) and Staff Parish Relations Committee (“SPRC”)


Compensation/Position Status: Position is hourly, non-exempt, and part-time which is anticipated to be about 15 hours per week. Compensation will be based upon experience and agreement of the parties.

Principal Functions: The Pianist is responsible for playing piano or keyboard for all regular traditional and contemporary (praise band) worship services and special services at the Church as assigned; organizing, planning, directing and accompanying the Church choir; and generally assisting with the Church’s music ministry.

Additional Benefits: 15 hours of paid time off per year, including up to 2 Sundays off per year; access to the church sanctuary and grand piano as scheduled and without charge for private lessons and personal rehearsal; access to the church sanctuary and grand piano as scheduled for up to four performances open to the public per year.


Who We Are:  At Geneva United Methodist Church, our music ministry is all about glorifying God through music and helping our members in their faith journeys by becoming disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.  As a growing church with a total of about 150 souls in weekly attendance at both a traditional and contemporary worship service, we are looking for an experienced Pianist to be an integral part of our worship and our music ministry.  Our staff is a closely-knit team of Christian believers who are boldly innovative, mutually supportive, passionately caring, spiritual contributors who bring their best, who laugh hard, and who faithfully honor God with profound love and integrity.  

You can be part of this growing and dynamic church.  At Geneva United Methodist Church, our music ministry is more than just the music before and after the sermon.  Ministry happens not only inside the building but also beyond the walls of the Church every day.  The responsibility of a leader in our music ministry is to encourage and empower others to live their lives like the lyrics of a song, continually praising God for his love and goodness.  If you agree, you could be the person we’re looking for!    


The Kind of Person We Are Looking For:

·         A tested love for God, a humble spirit, and a commitment to frequent prayer as a deeply devoted disciple of Jesus Christ;

·         A strong affinity with the mission and visions of Geneva United Methodist Church;

·         A passionate love of music, musically talented, and a robust musical experience as a performer on pianos, keyboards, and other musical instruments;

·         Organized and efficient, especially with time management;

·         An excellent communicator, both orally and in writing;

·         A multi-tasking team player with high energy, strong interpersonal skills, and a positive attitude;

·         Ability to tactfully handle stressful and difficult situations;

·         Strong ethical standards;

·         Ability to develop trust and grow integrity with other Church leaders and with people who are members of the Church or the community;

·         Regular and sustained worship attendance at a church.


The Spiritual Gifts and Personal Skills and Qualifications We are Looking For:

·         You have or are working on a bachelor’s degree in a music-related field, OR you are a skilled piano/keyboard player who has performed multiple public performances and has experience directing or leading a musical group;

·         You have experience or are willing to learn how to plan the musical portions of worship and select music that relates to the worship theme selected by the Pastor;

·         You have experience or are willing to learn how to recruit, train, organize and build a church choir, and to serve as director and rehearsal pianist/keyboardist of the choir;

·         You have experience as a keyboardist or worship leader in a praise band or similar musical performance group;

·         You have experience or are willing to learn how to plan and spiritually lead the music and related parts of multiple worship services;

·         You are willing to innovate and try new things, knowing that God connects with people in many different ways;

·         You love to sing, are knowledgeable about singing and vocal skills, and have a reasonably good singing voice;

·         You see this ministry and your place in it as vitally important in loving God and in helping others along in their personal faith journeys. 


Primary Ministry Responsibilities:

·        Assist in managing, planning, coordinating, selecting music for and performing in the Church’s music ministries, particularly in the Church’s worship services, special music, choir and praise band;

·    Serve as director and rehearsal keyboardist for the Church choir;

·    Develop and lead music ministry programs for children and youth;

·    Coordinate with others serving in the Church’s music ministry;

·    Cast a clear and compelling vision for the Church’s music ministry;

·    Ensure that areas, equipment, music and other supplies used in connection with the Church’s music ministry are organized, appropriate, safe, functional, well-maintained, appealing and ready for use by participants whenever needed.


If this ministry position connects with your heart and what Christ is doing in and through you, please send your resume along with a cover letter to Pastor Randy May at

89 S. Broadway, Geneva, Ohio, 44041; or email to; or call (440) 466 - 2817.