Geneva United Methodist Church
Saturday, September 22, 2018
Make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Pastoral Message

Life is all about change; that is how God designed the
universe to operate. We are more comfortable with things staying the same, so we resist, ignore or try to control change. But change is stronger than we are, and so we eventually have to stop swimming against the current and
turn around and go with the flow. The most important things
to remember are that change is not always bad but can also
be for the good, and that God is always with us through any change, comforting us and giving us strength. We in turn,
must share our strength, faith and encouragement with others. That is how life goes - a circle with no beginning
and no end. What a remarkable world God has created! 
I know many of you have been facing changes in your
lives lately; we all do eventually. And sometimes things
get better; but sometimes they do not. We often wonder
why bad things happen to us. God is not punishing us;
it is just how the world was designed from the beginning.
God designed us in God’s own image to have free will,
which means that God must limit his interference with and altering of human affairs. But God DOES promise
to walk with us, every step that we take, from our first
faltering steps as a baby to our final faltering steps as
our lifetime comes to an end; whether on easy, straight
and level roads, or on hard, steep and rocky terrain. God watches over us; Jesus walks with us; and the Holy
Spirit fills us with wisdom, strength and faith. What an
amazing God we worship!

Blessings, Pastor Randy