Geneva United Methodist Church
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Pastoral Message

Prayer is the primary means of grace for those following Jesus. We pray at
church, at home, in cars, as school. We pray in formal ways, and we pray
when we sigh. We pray so much, and in so many ways, that we become accustomed to praying. After a while, we can even stop paying attention to
what we pray and how we pray. I love that prayer can be a natural habit we
forget about, but I fear the familiarity of prayer can blind us to prayers power. Prayer is the way that God chooses to act in us.
With all that in mind, I call Geneva UMC to a time of prayer. Our Healthy
Church Initiative (HCI) process revealed the need to focus on Vision and
prayer. The fact that I am moving from Geneva, and Pastor Randy May,
is coming to Geneva, only reinforces our need to pray. We know that Jesus
Christ is our Center and Salvation. We know that our life together as a
congregation is centered on the Risen Christ. And so, to the Risen Christ
we turn in prayer!
I ask that morning and evening each day, you take the time to calm yourself
with three deep breaths in and out. On the fourth breath in say, “Lord Jesus
Christ give Geneva UMC your vision for reaching the people of our community
with your love.” Exhale slowly. On each deep breath in, repeat the prayer. Do
this as long as you are comfortable. Please pray this prayer morning and
evening from April 1 through the 7.
On April 8 through 14, use the simple format of deep breathing morning and evening, but change the prayer to, “Lord Jesus, thank you for the children and youth of Geneva, how do you want our congregation to love the young folks of
our community?”
On April 15 through 21, continue to pray morning and evening, asking, “Lord
Jesus, how should we love the senior citizens of Geneva Ohio? Keep that
breathing up! I hope by now that you are developing your capacity to breath
and pray for up to 5 minutes or even more! Notice how much calmer you are
when you breath and pray?
On April 22 through 28, pray and breath, “Lord Jesus show us your vision for
loving and serving the working adults of our community. 
On April 29 through
May 5 pray, “Lord Jesus reveal to my heart how 
you want me to love and serve your community and church? Again, pray morning and night, every day. Do
not be surprised by how God responds to you. God is faithful and 
will respond
to your prayer. Are you ready to receive what God may 
say to you? 
 Love, Pastor Bruce