Geneva United Methodist Church
Friday, June 22, 2018
Make and mature disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Pastoral Message


Seven years ago, we moved to a new town, new school,
and new church. We had 
never heard of Geneva Ohio.
We knew 
nothing about GOTL, Eddies Grill, Rotary, Mary’s Diner, and so many Winery’s. We had never heard, “Once
an Eagle, Always 
an Eagle!” Nor had we heard the roar of 29 motorcycles passing the front doors of the Church
during worship. 
We had no idea that something called 
“Grape Jamboree” was 
important to mission and ministry. Most of all, we did not know any of you.

We now know that you are the very blessing of God! We
now know 
that God uses you in extraordinary and
miraculous ways. We now 
know that you have a
world-wide witness to God’s love and saving 
You indeed, are instruments of blessing in the mighty
of God! We are deeply grateful for this wonderful witness. And we are even more grateful for your
ministry in our lives.

During our time here in Geneva, Scott and Mary
graduated from 
Universities, and Paul graduated
from Geneva High School. We 
arrived with three
children living at home. We are moving to 
Ohio as empty-nesters. There have been just over
85 funerals, 21 weddings, and 53 baptisms in the
last seven years. And, 
far more important than those
details, is the incredible love with 
which you received
us, and sustained us.

You never held back. You included us in your lives, your homes, your troubles, your thoughts, and your blessings.
You opened your 
lives to us and allowed us to open our
lives to you. We have come to 
know Geneva United
Methodist Church as home. Thank you for this 
gift! Our hearts will always be open to you.

Pastors are sent to serve, to love, to proclaim Christ. The curious part of that arrangement is that you have served, loved, and proclaimed Christ to me, and my family! I think that is how it is supposed to work in the Kingdom of God.
I am grateful for you. 

We are Christians together. Nothing happens in isolation. Everything that God does with power and grace always happens in relationship. And so, I ask for your forgiveness
for my words and acts that have 
caused you harm. In mercy,
I freely forgive the words and acts that 
have caused me harm. We Christians always live in mercy, forgiveness, and love. There is no way for us to move forward, but in the Holy Spirit and in grace. Please know that I love you, Melissa loves you, and our children love you.

Pastor Bruce